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Teiid 8.12

Document Generation

Document generation starts with the root mapping class and proceeds iteratively and hierarchically over all of the child mapping classes. This can result in a large number of query executions. For example if a document has a root mapping class with 3 child mapping classes. Then for each row selected by the root mapping class after the application of the root context criteria, each of the child mapping classes queries will also be executed.

Document Correctness

By default XML generated by XML documents are not checked for correctness vs. the relevant schema. It is possible that the mapping class queries, the usage of specific SELECT or WHERE clause values will generated a document that is not valid with respect to the schema. See Document Validation on how to ensure correctness.

Sibling or cousin elements defined by the same mapping class that do not have a common parent in that mapping class will be treated as independent mapping classes during planning and execution. This allows for a more document centric approach to applying criteria and order bys to mapping classes.

Document Validation

The execution property XMLValidation should be set to 'true' to indicate that generated documents should be checked for correctness. Correctness checking will not prevent invalid documents from being generated, since correctness is checked after generation and not during.

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