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This is the home of the Teiid 8.12 Document Space.

Teiid is a data virtualization platform, where one can integrate data from multiple disparate systems like RDBMS, XML, EXCEL, SalesForce etc and provides a single view of the data. Teiid is typically hosted inside JBoss EAP platform, but can also be run in embedded mode. Teiid Designer project provides the tooling for Teiid. Before one can delve into installing of Teiid and Teiid Designer, it is very important to learn few basic constructs of Teiid, like what is a VDB? what is a Model? etc. For that please read the short introduction here

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versionNumber 8.12
fullVersionNumber 8.12.0.Final
asVersionNumber 7.5 (EAP 6.4 Alpha)
copyrightYear 2015
copyrightHolder Red Hat, Inc.
salesforcePicklists Querying Mulit-select Picklists
jdbcParent Also see common JDBC Translator Information
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  1. Sep 17, 2014

    Should Teiid have a Users Guide? This might help lead a user as to where to start, where to find the pieces on what's needed to integrate a data source (i.e.., translator and resource adapter). I realize part of the getting started guide does this, but a user's guide seems more appropriate.

    1. Sep 17, 2014

      Seems like that is just a different organization of existing content. If you want to put a getting started/users guide here that calls out to the quick starts and other content that seems fine.