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Teiid 8.12

System Functions

System functions provide access to information in the Teiid system from within a query.


Retrieve a string from the command payload or null if no command payload was specified. The command payload is set by the TeiidStatement.setPayload method on the Teiid JDBC API extensions on a per-query basis.


If the key parameter is provided, the command payload object is cast to a java.util.Properties object and the corresponding property value for the key is returned. If the key is not specified the return value is the command payload object toString value.

key, return value are strings


Retrieve a system environment property.


To prevent untrusted access to system properties, this function is not enabled by default. The ENV function may be enabled via the allowEnvFunction property in the file.

key, return value are strings


Retrieve the string form of the current session id.


return value is string.


Since 8.12.2. Retrieve the node id - typically the System property value for "jboss.node.name" which will not be set for Teiid embedded.


return value is string.


Retrieve the name of the user executing the query.


return value is string.


Retrieve the catalog name of the database. The VDB name is always the catalog name.


return value is string.


Retrieve the session variable.


name is a string and the return value is an object.

A null name will return a null value. Typically you will use the a get wrapped in a CAST to convert to the desired type.


Set the session variable.

TEIID_SESSION_SET(name, value)

name is a string, value is an object, and the return value is an object.

The previous value for the key or null will be returned. A set has no effect on the current transaction and is not affected by commit/rollback.

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