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For this Quick Start,

  1. Download and install JBoss AS 7.1.
  2. Download the Teiid runtime teiid-{version}-jboss-dist.zip and unzip the contents under JBoss AS install directory. The Teiid runtime directory structure matches JBoss AS directly - unzip this file directly over the JBoss 7.1 installed directory as it is just an overlay.

In the downloads directory, you will also find "teiid-{version}-jdbc.jar", which is the Teiid JDBC jar file. This jar file contains the Teiid's JDBC driver.

JBoss AS 7 requires Java 6 to run.

Access to physical data sources such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server, DB2, and Sybase through Teiid relies upon the user supplying their own JDBC drivers in the deployment. Follow the directions specified in this document to create any data sources.

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