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Embedded is a light-weight version of Teiid for use in any Java 6+ JRE. JBoss AS nor any application server is not required. This feature/kit are still evolving. Please consult the source examples and even unit tests utilizing the EmbeddedServer for a more complete guide as to its use.


The primary way to configure Teiid Embedded is with the EmbeddedConfiguration class. It is provided to the EmbeddedServer at start-up and dictates much of the behavior of the embedded instance. From there the running server instance may have translators and VDBs deployed as needed.

VDB Deployment

VDB deployment is done through direct usage of the VDB metadata objects that are the underpinning of vdb.xml deployment. However there is no vdb.xml file or vdb artifact of any kind for deployment in embedded. Models (schemas) are deployed as a set to form a named vdb - see the EmbeddedServer.deployVDB method. There is also no direct vdb versioning concept in embedded.


Translators instances can be scoped to a VDB in AS using declarations in a vdb.xml file, however named instances are scoped to the entire EmbeddedServer and must be registered via the EmbeddedServer.addTranslator methods. A new server instance does not assume any translators are deployed and does not perform any sort of library scanning to find translators.


The Embedded Server will still attempt to lookup the given JNDI connection factory names via JNDI. In most non-container environments it is likely that no such bindings exist. In this case the Embedded Server instance must have ConnectionFactoryProvider instances manually registered using the EmbeddedServer.addConnectionFactoryProvider method. Note that the Embedded Server does not have built-in pooling logic, so to make better use of a standard java.sql.DataSource or to enable proper use of javax.sql.XADataSource you must first configure the instance via a third-party connection pool.

Example Deployment


Transaction processing requires setting the TransactionManager in the EmbeddedConfiguration used to start the EmbeddedServer. A client facing javax.sql.DataSource is not provided for embedded. However the usage of provided java.sql.Driver should be sufficient as the embedded server is by default able to detect thread bound transactions and appropriately propagate the transaction to threads launched as part of request processing. The usage of local connections is also permitted.

Other Differences Between Teiid Embedded and an AS Deployment

  • There is no JDBC/ODBC socket transport in embedded. You are expected to obtain a Driver connection via the EmbeddedServer.getDriver method.
  • A MetadataRepository is scoped to a VDB in AS, but is scoped to the entire EmbeddedServer instance and must be registered via the EmbeddedServer.addMetadataRepository method.
  • MDC logging values are not available as Java logging lacks the concept of a mapped diagnostic context.
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