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Data Roles Example

The Data Roles example is similar to the Data Federation example, but will demonstrate how data roles can be used to control access to data.  This includes read-only and read-write access.

dynamicvdb-dataroles quickstart

All the code discussed in this tutorial is available in the dynamicvdb-dataroles quickstart.

See the README.md for directions to run the quick start.

In this example, the VDB (portfolio-vdb.xml) is defined with the following 2 different data access roles:

1)  read-only - this role restricts access of the VDB to only read access (i.e., selects).  This role is given to everybody who has a login credential (use the user called "user" with password "user").

2)  read-write - this role give reads access, as well as, write access (i.e., insert/update/delete).  This access is given only to users with "superuser" JAAS role  (use the user called "portfolio" with password "portfolio").

The following is an example of the read-write data-role in the portfolio-vdb.xml:

   <data-role name="ReadWrite">
        <description>Allow Reads and Writes to tables and procedures</description>



            This role must defined in the JAAS security domain, the sample UserRolesLoginModules based roles file provided
            in this sample directory. copy these "teiid-security-roles.properties" and "teiid-security-users.proeprties"
            into "<jboss-install>/modules/org/jboss/teiid/conf" directory and replace the old ones.
To see how the users and roles where defined for JAAS, see the src/security/teiid-security-roles.properties and src/security/teiid-security-users.properties files.  The teiid-security-users.properties file will be used by JAAS to determine user credentials (i.e,  login ID and Password) and the teiid-security-roles.properties file maps the username to the "<mapped-role-name>" element.

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