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Teiid Examples

Downloading and installing Teiid

To run the Teiid Quick Starts, you'll need:

If you will be using a client application, like SquirreL, to connect to Teiid, you will want to download the Teiid JDBC Driver.  In the downloads directory you will find "teiid--jdbc.jar".

Follow the official Maven installation guide if you don't already have Maven 3 installed. You can check which version of Maven you have installed (if any) by running mvn --version. If you see a version newer than 3.0.0, you are ready to go.

Access to physical data sources such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server, DB2, and Sybase through Teiid relies upon the user supplying their own JDBC drivers in the deployment. Follow the directions specified in this document to create any data sources.


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