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This is the home of the Teiid Examples space.

The goal of this space is to provide you with one place to find all relative how-to information for your data integration needs. This will include, but not limited to:

  • Quick starts and examples, which can be general in nature or focus on a specific functionality, but meant to get you moving forward quickly in your development
  • End-to-End (E2E) how-to's, that take you from modeling in Teiid Designer, to deploying to a Teiid instance, and executing and validating success.
  • Resources and artifacts, which include pre-built designer project sets; and database DDL (create tables) and DML (to load data) scripts

Another goal we have, is when a feature is demonstrated, you will be able to see it demonstrated using modeling, as well as, in the dynamicVDB form, when possible. This is a new objective for us, so many do not meet this goal. But as we move forward, we hope to improve and help you understand the data integration options to meet your needs.

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