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Joss Data Grid (JDG) running in Library Mode as a Data Source Example

The "JBoss Data Grid Running in Library Mode as a Data Source" quick start example demonstrates how to access JBoss Data Grid as a data source. The JDG cache will be running in library mode using the infinispan-cache translator.


All the code discussed in this quickstart example is available in the jdg-local-cache quick start.

See the README.md for directions to run the quick start.

This example shows how to:

  • Define the source model to the object cache using DDL metadata

  • Configure the translator type of "infinispan-cache" to access the cache.

  • Configure a translator override to enable SupportsDSLSearching on the cache. The pojos classes do not need annotations to enable searching.

  • An example web application is used to define the cache container, bind to jndi and preload its contents.

  • Configure the resource adapter for connecting to the JDG Cache as a data source, for which the translator is mapped to via the connection-jndi-name.

  • Demonstrate the ability to do read and writes (Select, Insert, Update and Delete) to the cache. Example queries are provided.

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