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Teiid Examples

Teiid Embedded Examples

Teiid Examples

Teiid Examples show how to integrate multiple, heterogenous data stores and enterprise services in a light-weight way.


  • install JDK 1.7 or higher

Enter the following:

$ git clone https://github.com/<yourname>/teiid-embedded-examples.git
$ cd teiid-embedded-examples
$ mvn clean install -s settings.xml


Run from dist

Starting with Teiid 8.13 there is no longer an embedded distribution. You can still should run directly from maven or your IDE.

Unzip dist zip file, navigate into the `examples` folder, start example with start up scripts(run.sh/run.bat).

$ unzip teiid-version-embedded-dist.zip -d teiid-examples
$ cd teiid-examples/examples

Run from Source code

Import `teiid-examples` source code to a IDE(Eclipse), run each examples with corresponding Main methods.

Run from mvn

Navigating to a examples execute mvn exec commands.

$ cd teiid-examples/embedded-portfolio
$ mvn exec:java
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