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This Quick Start Guide takes you through an introduction to the concepts important to Teiid, downloading the software, building and deploying a dynamic virtual database and integrating data sources. The goal is to provide you with examples that help explain how to use to Teiid in order to get you off the ground.  It also introduces to some of the essential concepts of Teiid.

Further Reading

Please read Federation Basics to understand different terminologies used, resources needed, and artifacts to be generated before developing a successful application. This example takes advantage of only a minimal set of features in Teiid for the sake of simplicity and time.

Ask Us

Ask us any questions you have on this Quick Start or any other Teiid related questions on Teiid forums.

Commercial development support, production support, and training for Teiid is available through Red Hat. Teiid is a Professional Open Source project and a critical component of the JBoss Data Virtualization Platform (JDV).

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