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Using Hibernate on top of Teiid

Hibernate is normally a 1 object to 1 data source mapping. By using Teiid as the data source, the integration is no longer
approached from integrating at the application layer, but done at the data layer. Making it easier to join together related information to be exposed through Hibernate, rather than writing application code to merge related data.

hibernate-on-top-of-teiid quickstart
All the code discussed in this tutorial is available in the hibernate-on-top-of-teiid quickstart.

See the README.md for directions to run the quick start.

Hibernate-on-top-of-teiid quick start demonstrates how a hibernate4 application can take advantage of multiple data sources through
a single Java Object by using the data federation capabilities of Teiid. This example will extend the Portfolio VDB, which
is deployed by the dynamicvdb-datafederation quickstart, and create a view that will be mapped to a single
relationally mapped object in Hibernate.

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