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Page: Asynchronous API
addition to synchronous API methods like Cache.put(),%20V%29, Cache.remove() .Object%29, etc., Infinispan ...
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Page: Infinispan as a storage for Lucene indexes
Infinispan is including a highly scalable distributed Apache Lucene Directory implementation. This directory closely mimicks the same semantics of the traditional filesystem and RAMbased directories, being able to work as a dropin replacement for existing applications using Lucene and providing reliable index ...
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Page: Infinispan GUI demo
document walks you through using the Infinispan GUI demo that ships with Infinispan, and assumes that you have downloaded the latest version of Infinispan and unzipped the archive.  I will refer to the Infinispan directory created by unzipping the archive as $\ . NOTE ...
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Page: Infinispan Quick Start Guide for Developers
Page has moved to Contributing to Infinispan Contributing to Infinispan#The Basics
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Page: Listeners and Notifications
Infinispan offers a listener API, where clients can register for and get notified when events take place.  This annotationdriven API applies to 2 different levels: cache level events and cache manager level events. Events trigger ...
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Page: Using the Cache API
Cache interface Infinispan exposes a simple, JSR107 compliant Cache interface. ! .png class ...
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