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Page: Batching
Introduction Generally speaking, one should use batching API whenever the only participant in the transaction is an Infinispan cluster. On the other hand, JTA transactions (involving TransactionManager) should be used whenever the transactions involves multiple systems. E.g. considering ...
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Page: Cache Loaders and Stores
Introduction Cache loader is Infinispan's connection to a (persistent) data store. Cache loader fetches data from a store when that data is not in the cache, and when modifications are made to data in the cache the CacheLoader is called to store those modifications back to the store. Cache ...
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Page: Infinispan as a storage for Lucene indexes
Infinispan is including a highly scalable distributed Apache Lucene Directory implementation. This directory closely mimicks the same semantics of the traditional filesystem and RAMbased directories, being able to work as a dropin replacement for existing applications using Lucene and providing reliable index ...
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Page: Technical FAQs

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