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Page: Implementing standalone JPA JTA Hibernate application outside J2EE server using Infinispan 2nd level cache
Introduction IMPORTANT NOTE: From Hibernate 4.0.1 onwards, Infinispan now interacts as a synchronization rather than as an XA resource with the transaction manager when used as secondlevel cache, so there's no longer need to apply any of the changes suggested below ...
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Page: Infinispan as Hibernate 2nd-Level Cache in JBoss AS 5.x
JBoss AS 5.x application can be configured to use Infinispan 4.x as the Hibernate 2ndlevel cache, replacing JBoss Cache. # Add the attached jar files to the ear lib directory. These include the core 4.1.0.GA Infinispan jar (infinispancore.jar), the Hibernate/Infinispan integration ...
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