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Page: Clustered Configuration QuickStart
Infinispan ships with preconfigured JGroups stacks that make it easy for you to jumpstart a clustered configuration. Using an external JGroups file If you are configuring your cache programmatically, all you need to do is: // ... GlobalConfiguration gc = new GlobalConfigurationBuilder().transport ...
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Page: Configuration Migration Tools
Infinispan has a number of scripts for importing configurations from other cache products. Currently we have scripts to import configurations from: JBoss Cache 3.x EHCache 1.x Coherence 3.x JBoss Cache 3.x itself supports configuration ...
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Page: Configuring cache
Infinispan offers both ISPN:Configuring Cache declaratively and ISPN:Configuring cache programmatically configuration approaches. Declarative configuration comes in a form of XML document that adheres to a provided Infinispan configuration XML schema ...
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Page: Configuring Cache declaratively
One of the major goals of Infinispan is to aim for zero configuration. A simple XML configuration file containing nothing more than a single infinispan element is enough to get you started. The configuration file listed below provides sensible defaults and is perfectly ...
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Page: Configuring cache programmatically
Programmatic Configuration Programmatic Infinispan configuration is centered around CacheManager and ConfigurationBuilder API. Although every single aspect of Infinispan configuration could be set programmatically, the most usual approach is to create a starting point in a form of XML configuration file and then in runtime ...
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Page: Eviction
Infinispan supports eviction of entries, such that you do not run out of memory.  Eviction is typically used in conjunction with a cache store, so that entries are not permanently lost when evicted, since eviction only removes entries from memory and not from ...
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