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Page: 5 minute tutorial on Infinispan
Page has moved to 5 Minute Tutorial Getting Started Guide#5 minute tutorial
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Page: Accessing data in Infinispan via RESTful interface
reststaricon64x.png border=0! Standards Red Hat is working towards standardization of the REST API as a part of the REST\ effort.  To participate in this standard, please visit this Google Group Putting data in HTTP ...
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Page: Asynchronous API
addition to synchronous API methods like Cache.put(),%20V%29, Cache.remove() .Object%29, etc., Infinispan ...
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Page: Batching
Introduction Generally speaking, one should use batching API whenever the only participant in the transaction is an Infinispan cluster. On the other hand, JTA transactions (involving TransactionManager) should be used whenever the transactions involves multiple systems. E.g. considering ...
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Page: Cache Loaders and Stores
Introduction Cache loader is Infinispan's connection to a (persistent) data store. Cache loader fetches data from a store when that data is not in the cache, and when modifications are made to data in the cache the CacheLoader is called to store those modifications back to the store. Cache ...
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Page: CDI Support
Introduction Infinispan includes integration with CDI in the {{infinispancdi}} module. Configuration and injection of the Inifispan's Cache API is provided, and it is planned to bridge Cache listeners to the CDI event system. The module also provide partial support of the JCache (JSR107) caching annotations for further ...
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Page: Client and server modules
Servers Infinispan will speak 3 different protocols. # Memcached text protocol # REST # Custom binary protocol (dubbed HotRod) Memcached The purpose of this server module is twofold.  Firstly, so ...
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Page: Clustered Configuration QuickStart
Infinispan ships with preconfigured JGroups stacks that make it easy for you to jumpstart a clustered configuration. Using an external JGroups file If you are configuring your cache programmatically, all you need to do is: // ... GlobalConfiguration gc = new GlobalConfigurationBuilder().transport ...
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Page: Clustering modes
Introduction Infinispan can be configured to be either local (standalone) or clustered. If in a cluster, the cache can be configured to replicate changes to all nodes, to invalidate changes across nodes and finally to be used in distributed mode state changes are replicated to a small subset of nodes ...
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Page: Configuration Migration Tools
Infinispan has a number of scripts for importing configurations from other cache products. Currently we have scripts to import configurations from: JBoss Cache 3.x EHCache 1.x Coherence 3.x JBoss Cache 3.x itself supports configuration ...
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