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Page: EJB3 Clustered Database Timers
Overview Wildfly now supports clustered database backed timers. The clustering support is provided through the database, and as a result it is not intended to be a super high performance solution that supports thousands of timers going off a second, however properly tuned it should provide ...
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Page: EJB 3 Reference Guide
chapter details the extensions that are available when developing Enterprise Java Beans tm on WildFly 8. Currently there is no support for configuring the extensions using an implementation specific descriptor file. Resource Adapter for Message Driven Beans Each Message Driven ...
Page: EJB invocations from a remote server instance
purpose of this chapter is to demonstrate how to lookup and invoke on EJBs deployed on an WildFly server instance from another WildFly server instance. This is different from invoking the EJBs from a remote standalone client singJNDI Let's ...
Page: EJB Subsystem
EJB Timer Wildfly now supports clustered database backed timers. For details have a look to the EJB3 reference section
Other labels: subsystem, clustering, cluster, timer