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Page: Admin Guide
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Page: DataSource configuration
Datasources are configured through the datasource subsystem. Declaring a new datasource consists of two separate steps: You would need to provide a JDBC driver and define a datasource that references the driver you installed.  JDBC Driver Installation The recommended way ...
Page: Getting Started Guide
Getting Started with WildFly 8 WildFly 8 is the latest release in a series of JBoss opensource application server offerings.  WildFly 8 is an exceptionally fast, lightweight and powerful implementation of the Java Enterprise Edition 7 Platform specifications.&nbsp ...
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Page: Messaging configuration
JMS server configuration is done through the messaging subsystem. In this chapter we are going outline the frequently used configuration options. For a more detailed explanation please consult the HornetQ user guide (See "Component Reference").  Connectors There are three kind ...