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Page: SNMP Adaptor (Mobicents)
General Information {}Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)  is the most popular network management protocol in the TCP/IP protocol suite, using a simple request/response protocol that communicates management information about the configuration and status of nodes between ...
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Page: The SNMP Adaptor JBoss Deployer (Mobicents)
SNMP Adaptor JBoss Deployer Location The SNMP Adaptor Deployer is located in $JBOSSHOME/server/<profile>/deployers/snmp.deployer Installation Extract the file;to&nbsp;{{$JBOSSHOME/server/<profile>/deployers}} Responsibilities The SNMP Adaptor Deployer&nbsp;dynamically looks ...
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Page: The SNMP Adaptor JBoss Service (Mobicents)
Location The SNMP Adaptor JBoss Service is located in $JBOSSHOME/server/<profile>/deploy/snmpadaptor.sar Responsibilities The SNMP Adaptor Service &nbsp;contains the general configuration of the SNMP service and the JMX to SNMP mapping for the JBoss Application Server and its subcomponents. The SNMP ...
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