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Page: 4.1 Templates editor (GateIn WCM)
Templates view in WCM Editor shows main templates list. Only Wcm managers users can manage templates: !wcm4.11.png width=650! Templates list is ordered by created/modified date showing more recent templates first. Per ...
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Page: 4.2 Working with tags (GateIn WCM)
Templates tags are an extension of html tags. Main objective is to combine a html layout with dynamic content generated by WCM Editor. Template tags are not part of any programming language (JSP, JSF, Groovy, or others), so, a Web Designer with html ...
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Page: 4.3 Template tags reference (GateIn WCM)
4.3.1 wcmlist wcmlist tag reads a category from WCM Content Portlet configuration and created a list with posts attached to that category. <wcmlist> <... markup for each Post ...> </wcmlist> will be combined as <ul> <li> <... markup for each Post ...> </li> <li> <... markup ...
Other labels: gatein, wcm, tags