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amazon, api, archetype, architecture, article, as5, async, aws, batch, batching, br, buddy_replication, build cache, cache_server, cacheloader, cachestore, cdi, client, client_server, cloud, cluster, clustering, coherence, colocation, command-line, concurrency, configuration, consistent_hash, contributor_project, custom_interceptor data_grid, datacenter, datagrid, deadlock, demo, demos, design, development, dist, distribution, docs, documentation
ec2, ehcache, eventing, events, eviction, expiration, failover, faq, filesystem, fine_grained, grid, gridfs, gui_demo, guide hash_function, hibernate, hibernate_search, hinting, hot_rod, hotrod import, index, infinispan, infinispan_user_guide, installation, interactive, interceptor, interface, intro, ispn
jboss_cache, jbossas, jbosscache3x, jcache, jgroups, jira, jmx, jpa, jsr-107, jta large_object, listener, loader, lock_striping, locking, lucene management, maven, meeting, memcached, migration, mongodb, multitiered_caches, murmurhash, murmurhash2, mvcc, near_cache, nexus, non-blocking, notification
out_of_memory, partitioning, podcast, pojo, pojo_cache, presentation, publish, query read_committed, rebalance, recovery, rehash, release, remoting, repeatable_read, replication, replicaton, rest, resteasy, rhq, roadmap s3, scala, schema, searchable, server, setup, shell, snapshot, spring, standalone, state_transfer, store, streaming, student_project
test, testng, todo, transaction, transactionmanager, tutorial, tx, user_guide, userguide, webdav, websocket, whitepaper, write_behind, write_through xa, xaresource, xml, xsd, xsite, youtube 缓存