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Page: Getting Started Guide (Latest WildFly Documentation )
Getting Started with WildFly 10 WildFly 10 is the latest release in a series of JBoss opensource application server offerings.  WildFly 10 is an exceptionally fast, lightweight and powerful implementation of the Java Enterprise Edition 7 Platform specifications.&nbsp ...
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Page: Load Balanced HA Standalone Cluster - Howto (WildFly 8)
article, I would like to document how to set up a load balanced high availability standalone cluster. For domain cluster refer to WildFly 8 Clustering Howto Preparation and Scenario We need to prepare two hosts for this. We ...
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Page: Setting multiple mod_cluster load balancers in clustering environment (JBoss AS 7.1)
Overview In addition to load balancing the worker nodes, sometimes we also want to clustering the load balancers for high availability. For example, we may want to run two httpd servers with modclusters, and these two httpd servers are connecting to the same JBoss ...
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Page: Using mod_jk with JBoss AS7 (JBoss AS 7.1)
article I'd like to show you how to use modjk as HTTP connector of JBoss AS, and I'll also show you how to configure SSL to work with connector. Install JBoss EAP 6.1.0 Go to and download ...
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Page: WildFly 8.1.0 - Embedded (Arquillian)
Container Injection Support Matrix @EJB @EJB (nointerface) @Inject (CDI) @Resource @PersistenceContext / @PersistenceUnit (/) (/) (/) (/) (/) Note: Widfly 8.1 does not ship an 'uberjar' version like GlassFish 3.1.2 Embedded Examples. We actually need to download automatically ...
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Page: WildFly Elytron Security (Latest WildFly Documentation )
About The WildFly Elytron project is a new security framework brought to WildFly to provide a single unified security framework across the whole of the application server. As a single framework it will be usable both for configuring management access to the server and for applications deployed to the server, it will also ...
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