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Page: 5. Using WCM API in web applications (GateIn WCM)
GateIn WCM offers a simplified API as an alternative to templates mechanism. WCM API allows to access posts, categories, comments and uploads from third party applications deployed on GateIn / JBoss Portal. WCM API is composed by the following packages ...
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Page: 6. Configuration reference (GateIn WCM)
GateIn WCM is deployed as a web application using wcm.war artifact. GateIn WCM is a Java EE application, so it needs JBoss AS to be deployed. Storage requeriments are: DataSource for all wcm domain information and metadata. Filesystem for binary uploads. This chapter will describe ...
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Page: 7. Tasks to be done (GateIn WCM)
GateIn WCM is a small project with a lot of areas to improve. These are some of the tasks identified to be done in the future: ID Task Description Complexity T1 WCM Editor portlet localization GateIn WCM supports localization in posts content, but in current version, WCM ...
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Home page: GateIn Web Content Management (GateIn WCM)
GateIn WCM is a portlet application (web application) designed to offer Web Content Management features to GateIn Portal. Objectives and motivation GateIn WCM is designed with the following objectives: Offers Web Content Management features to GateIn Portal in a simple and lightweight ...
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