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Internally Infinispan uses executors to do some processing asynchronously, so the first thing to do is to figure out which of these executors is causing issues. For example, if you see a stacktrace that looks like this, the problem is located in the asyncTransportExecutor:

To solve this issue, you should try any of these options:

  • Increase the maxThreads property in asyncTransportExecutor. At the time of writing, the default value for this particular executor is 25.
  • Define your own ExecutorFactory which creates an executor with a bigger queue. You can find more information about different queueing strategies in ThreadPoolExecutor javadoc.
  • Disable async marshalling (see the <async ... > element for details). This would mean that an executor is not used when replicating, so you will never have a RejectedExecutionException. However this means each put() will take a little longer since marshalling will now happen on the critical path. The RPC is still async though as the thread won't wait for a response from the recipient (fire-and-forget).
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