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Infinispan has a number of scripts for importing configurations from other cache products. Currently we have scripts to import configurations from:

  • JBoss Cache 3.x
  • EHCache 1.x
  • Coherence 3.x

JBoss Cache 3.x itself supports configuration migration from previous (2.x) versions, so JBoss Cache 2.x configurations can be migrated indirectly.

There is a single scripts for importing configurations: ${INFINISPAN_HOME}/bin/ and an equivalent .BAT script for Windows. Just run it and you should get a help message to assist you with the import:

Here is how a JBoss Cache 3.x configuration file is imported:

Please read all warning messages carefully and inspect the generated XML for potential TODO statements that indicate the need for manual intervention. In the case of JBoss Cache 3.x this would usually have to do with custom extensions, such as custom CacheLoaders that cannot be automatically migrated.

For EHCache and Coherence these may also contain suggestions and warnings for configuration options that may not have direct equivalents in Infinispan.

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