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Yes, you can combine one or more of these integrations in the same application:

  • Caching database access: Hibernate can cache frequently loaded entities and queries in Infinispan, taking advantage of state of the art eviction algorithms, and clustering if needed but it provides a good performance boost in non-clustered deployments too.
    See Using Infinispan as JPA/Hibernate Second Level Cache Provider for details on how to do this.
  • Storing Lucene indexes: When using Hibernate Search to provide full-text capabilities to your Hibernate/JPA enabled application, you need to store an Apache Lucene index separately from the database. You can store the index in Infinispan: this is ideal for clustered applications since it's otherwise tricky to share the index with correct locking on shared file systems, but is an interesting option for non-clustered deployments too as it can combine the benefits of in-memory performance with reliability and write-through to cloud storage backends like S3, or the Hibernate database itself.
    See Infinispan Directory Configuration in the Hibernate Search reference documentation for the integration details, or learn more about it at Infinispan as a storage for Lucene indexes.
  • Using Infinispan as a database replacement: using the experimental Hibernate Object/Grid Mapper (OGM) you can remove the database and store your entities and relations in the grid directly, interacting with it through the well known JPA(2) interface, with some limitations in the query capabilities.
    For more details see Hibernate Object/Grid Mapper (OGM).
  • Using full-text queries on Infinispan: If you liked the powerful full-text and data mining capabilities of Hibernate Search, but don't need JPA or a database, you can use the indexing and query engine only: the Infinispan Query module reuses Hibernate Search internally, depending on some Hibernate libraries but exposing the Search capabilities only. See Querying Infinispan.
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