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A DeployableContainer implementation that can run an embeddable WebSphere Application Server V8.0 container (same JVM). This implementation has lifecycle support, so the container will be started and stopped as part of the test run.

This container implementation has been deprecated as the WebSphere Application Server version has reached its end of service.
This container implementation is currently not available in public maven repositories. If you want to use it, please follow our build instructions.

Container Injection Support Matrix

@EJB @EJB (no-interface) @Inject (CDI) @Inject (MC) @PersistenceContext @PersistenceUnit

Prerequisite Version

This DeployableContainer has been tested with WebSphere Application Server V8.0.0.0.


Default Protocol: Local

Container Configuration Options

Name Type Default Description
embeddedProperties String   Location of a WAS embedded container properties file.

Example of Container Configuration (arquillian.xml)

Example of Maven profile setup

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