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Ways to include, summarise or refer to content from other servers.

Notation Comment

Displays a graphic indication of whether an IM user is online. You must supply a valid user ID as the default argument and the desired service.


  • (default) - The user id/screen name.
  • service - The name of the service to check. May be 'aim', 'gtalk', 'icq', 'jabber', 'msn', 'sametime', 'skype', 'wildfire' or 'yahoo'.
  • showid - (optional) If 'false', the user's id will not be shown.

(currently only picks up result files in XML format. Set ant formatter to "xml")

Displays the results of a series (or single) JUnit test.

Success Rate Tests Failures Time(s) Time(s)
14 1 0 1.531




Display the contents of a remote RSS feed within the page. Note: feeds are cached for 60 minutes before being retrieved again.

The 'max' parameter can be used to limit the number of entries displayed.


Sample RSS Feed (RSS 2.0)
(Feed description here...)
My Item ( Dec 30, 2003 06:53)
And part of the item content here...
Another Item ( Dec 30, 2003 06:53)
And part of the item content here...

You can specify 'showTitlesOnly=true' to show only the RSS feed titles. This parameter defaults to false.

You can specify 'titleBar=false' to hide the feeds titlebar. This parameter defaults to true.

You can specify anonymous=false to download the target content over a trusted connection (Trusted Application). For instance {rss:url=}. This parameter defaults to true.