Red Hat Confluence will be unavailable on Saturday, October 2nd, between 6 am - 8 am UTC for scheduled upgrade and security maintenance.
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  1. What is happening with this maintenance?
    1. We are consolidating Jira instances to better serve Red Hat engineers, customers, partners, and the community.
    2. We are performing general maintenance for stability and performance.
  2. How is this going to benefit me as a user of
    1. If you use Jira as a Red Hat employee, you will no longer need to maintain different accounts to work with Red Hat products. 
    2. If you are not a Red Hat employee, this will enable issues to move more easily between projects that Red Hat may have been separated before.
  3. What is the maintenance outage schedule?
    1. August 7th,12:30 AM UTC - August 8th, 09:30 PM UTC
  4. How long will Red Hat Jira be unavailable for this maintenance?
    1. The estimated time for this maintenance is 45 hours because of the amount of data that needs to be consolidated and synced. Transferring large quantities of data takes time due to limits of how fast Jira is able to load and index it.
  5. What can users expect during this maintenance?
    1. Red Hat Jira will be unavailable, and users cannot create/view/edit/delete issues during the maintenance window. 
  6. Will you provide read access so I can at least view my issues?
    1. No, we cannot provide read access based upon guidance from Atlassian that it will hinder the ability to syncing properly.
  7. Where can I stay informed about this scheduled maintenance?
    1. The best way to stay informed of this is by following
  8. How can I report an issue?
    1. You can report issues by emailing
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