Uses of Interface

Packages that use Batcher
org.hibernate.engine This package contains classes that are "shared" by other packages, and implementations of some key algorithms. 
org.hibernate.impl This package contains implementations of the central Hibernate APIs, especially the Hibernate session. 
org.hibernate.jdbc This package abstracts the mechanism for dispatching SQL statements to the database, and implements interaction with JDBC. 

Uses of Batcher in org.hibernate.engine

Methods in org.hibernate.engine that return Batcher
 Batcher SessionImplementor.getBatcher()
          Get the prepared statement Batcher for this session

Uses of Batcher in org.hibernate.impl

Methods in org.hibernate.impl that return Batcher
 Batcher SessionImpl.getBatcher()
 Batcher StatelessSessionImpl.getBatcher()

Uses of Batcher in org.hibernate.jdbc

Classes in org.hibernate.jdbc that implement Batcher
 class AbstractBatcher
          Manages prepared statements and batching.
 class BatchingBatcher
          An implementation of the Batcher interface that actually uses batching
 class NonBatchingBatcher
          An implementation of the Batcher interface that does no batching

Methods in org.hibernate.jdbc that return Batcher
 Batcher BatchingBatcherFactory.createBatcher(ConnectionManager connectionManager, Interceptor interceptor)
 Batcher BatcherFactory.createBatcher(ConnectionManager connectionManager, Interceptor interceptor)
 Batcher NonBatchingBatcherFactory.createBatcher(ConnectionManager connectionManager, Interceptor interceptor)
 Batcher ConnectionManager.getBatcher()
          The batcher managed by this ConnectionManager.