Package org.hibernate

Interface SessionFactoryObserver

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    public interface SessionFactoryObserver
    Allows reaction to basic SessionFactory occurrences.
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      • sessionFactoryCreated

        default void sessionFactoryCreated​(SessionFactory factory)
        Callback to indicate that the given factory has been created and is now ready for use.
        factory - The factory initialized.
      • sessionFactoryClosing

        default void sessionFactoryClosing​(SessionFactory factory)
        Callback to indicate that the given factory is about close. The passed factory reference should be usable since it is only about to close.

        NOTE : defined as default to allow for existing SessionFactoryObserver impls to work in 5.2. Starting in 6.0 the default will be removed and SessionFactoryObserver impls will be required to implement this new method.

        factory - The factory about to be closed.
      • sessionFactoryClosed

        default void sessionFactoryClosed​(SessionFactory factory)
        Callback to indicate that the given factory has been closed. Care should be taken in how (if at all) the passed factory reference is used since it is closed.
        factory - The factory closed.