Package org.hibernate

Class UnsupportedLockAttemptException

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    public class UnsupportedLockAttemptException
    extends HibernateException
    This exception is thrown when an invalid LockMode is selected for an entity. This occurs if the user tries to set an inappropriate LockMode for an entity.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • UnsupportedLockAttemptException

        public UnsupportedLockAttemptException​(java.lang.String message)
      • UnsupportedLockAttemptException

        public UnsupportedLockAttemptException​(java.lang.Throwable cause)
      • UnsupportedLockAttemptException

        public UnsupportedLockAttemptException​(java.lang.String message,
                                               java.lang.Throwable cause)