Class Database

  • public class Database
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Method Detail

      • getDialect

        public Dialect getDialect()
      • toIdentifier

        public Identifier toIdentifier​(java.lang.String text)
        Wrap the raw name of a database object in it's Identifier form accounting for quoting from any of:
        • explicit quoting in the name itself
        • global request to quote all identifiers

        NOTE : quoting from database keywords happens only when building physical identifiers

        text - The raw object name
        The wrapped Identifier form
      • getNamespaces

        public java.lang.Iterable<Namespace> getNamespaces()
      • getDefaultNamespace

        public Namespace getDefaultNamespace()
      • adjustDefaultNamespace

        public Namespace adjustDefaultNamespace​(java.lang.String implicitCatalogName,
                                                java.lang.String implicitSchemaName)
      • addAuxiliaryDatabaseObject

        public void addAuxiliaryDatabaseObject​(AuxiliaryDatabaseObject auxiliaryDatabaseObject)
      • getInitCommands

        public java.util.Collection<InitCommand> getInitCommands()
      • addInitCommand

        public void addInitCommand​(InitCommand initCommand)