Interface SecondaryTableSource

    • Method Detail

      • getTableSource

        TableSpecificationSource getTableSource()
        Obtain the table being joined to.
        The joined table.
      • getPrimaryKeyColumnSources

        java.util.List<ColumnSource> getPrimaryKeyColumnSources()
        Retrieves the columns defines as making up this secondary tables primary key. Each entry should have a corresponding entry in the foreign-key columns described by the ForeignKeyContributingSource aspect of this contract.
        The columns defining the primary key for this secondary table
      • getLogicalTableNameForContainedColumns

        java.lang.String getLogicalTableNameForContainedColumns()
      • getComment

        java.lang.String getComment()
      • isInverse

        boolean isInverse()
      • isOptional

        boolean isOptional()
      • isCascadeDeleteEnabled

        boolean isCascadeDeleteEnabled()
        Description copied from interface: ForeignKeyContributingSource
        Is "cascade delete" enabled for the foreign key? In other words, if a record in the parent (referenced) table is deleted, should the corresponding records in the child table automatically be deleted?
        Specified by:
        isCascadeDeleteEnabled in interface ForeignKeyContributingSource
        true, if the cascade delete is enabled; false, otherwise.
      • getCustomSqlInsert

        CustomSql getCustomSqlInsert()
        Obtain the custom SQL to be used for inserts for this entity
        The custom insert SQL
      • getCustomSqlUpdate

        CustomSql getCustomSqlUpdate()
        Obtain the custom SQL to be used for updates for this entity
        The custom update SQL
      • getCustomSqlDelete

        CustomSql getCustomSqlDelete()
        Obtain the custom SQL to be used for deletes for this entity
        The custom delete SQL