Interface SessionFactoryBuilderImplementor

    • Method Detail

      • markAsJpaBootstrap

        void markAsJpaBootstrap()
        (since 5.2) In fact added in 5.2 as part of consolidating JPA support directly into Hibernate contracts (SessionFactory, Session); intended to provide transition help in cases where we need to know the difference in JPA/native use for various reasons. Use BootstrapContext.markAsJpaBootstrap()
        Indicates that the SessionFactory being built comes from JPA bootstrapping. Internally false is the assumed value. We only need to call this to mark that as true.
      • disableJtaTransactionAccess

        void disableJtaTransactionAccess()
      • disableRefreshDetachedEntity

        default void disableRefreshDetachedEntity()
      • buildSessionFactoryOptions

        SessionFactoryOptions buildSessionFactoryOptions()
        Build the SessionFactoryOptions that will ultimately be passed to SessionFactoryImpl constructor.
        The options.