Interface EntityDataCachingConfig

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    public interface EntityDataCachingConfig
    extends DomainDataCachingConfig
    Specialized DomainDataCachingConfig describing the requested caching config for a particular entity hierarchy's state data
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      • isVersioned

        boolean isVersioned()
        Mainly here to allow optimization of not having to know the actual comparator instance to use here yet. If this method returns true, then users can safely assume that accessing getVersionComparatorAccess() will not produce a null Comparator later
        Specified by:
        isVersioned in interface DomainDataCachingConfig
      • getVersionComparatorAccess

        java.util.function.Supplier<java.util.Comparator> getVersionComparatorAccess()
        Access to the comparator to be used with the entity's version. If the entity is not versioned, then this method returns null.
      • getCachedTypes

        java.util.Set<NavigableRole> getCachedTypes()
        The list of specific subclasses of the root that are actually written to cache.