Interface RegionFactory

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        static final java.lang.String DEFAULT_QUERY_RESULTS_REGION_UNQUALIFIED_NAME
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        Constant Field Values

        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
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      • start

        void start​(SessionFactoryOptions settings,
                   java.util.Map configValues)
            throws CacheException
        Lifecycle callback to perform any necessary initialization of the underlying cache provider. Called exactly once during the construction of a SessionFactoryImpl.
        settings - The settings in effect.
        configValues - The available config values
        CacheException - Indicates problems starting the L2 cache impl; considered as a sign to stop SessionFactory building.
      • isMinimalPutsEnabledByDefault

        boolean isMinimalPutsEnabledByDefault()
        By default should we perform "minimal puts" when using this second level cache implementation?
        True if "minimal puts" should be performed by default; false otherwise.
      • getDefaultAccessType

        AccessType getDefaultAccessType()
        Get the default access type for any "user model" data
      • qualify

        java.lang.String qualify​(java.lang.String regionName)
      • nextTimestamp

        long nextTimestamp()
        Generate a timestamp. This value is generally used for purpose of locking/unlocking cache content depending upon the access-strategy being used. The intended consumer of this method is the Session to manage its SharedSessionContractImplementor.getTransactionStartTimestamp() value. It is also expected that this be the value used for this's RegionFactory's CacheTransactionContext
      • getTimeout

        default long getTimeout()
      • buildDomainDataRegion

        DomainDataRegion buildDomainDataRegion​(DomainDataRegionConfig regionConfig,
                                               DomainDataRegionBuildingContext buildingContext)
        Create a named Region for holding domain model data
        regionConfig - The user requested caching configuration for this Region
        buildingContext - Access to delegates useful in building the Region