Class FrontBaseDialect

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    public class FrontBaseDialect
    extends Dialect
    An SQL Dialect for Frontbase. Assumes you're using the latest version of the FrontBase JDBC driver, available from

    NOTE: The latest JDBC driver is not always included with the latest release of FrontBase. Download the driver separately, and enjoy the informative release notes.

    This dialect was tested with JDBC driver version 2.3.1. This driver contains a bug that causes batches of updates to fail. (The bug should be fixed in the next release of the JDBC driver.) If you are using JDBC driver 2.3.1, you can work-around this problem by setting the following in your file: hibernate.jdbc.batch_size=15

    • Constructor Detail

      • FrontBaseDialect

        public FrontBaseDialect()
        Constructs a FrontBaseDialect
    • Method Detail

      • getAddColumnString

        public java.lang.String getAddColumnString()
        Description copied from class: Dialect
        The syntax used to add a column to a table (optional).
        getAddColumnString in class Dialect
        The "add column" fragment.
      • getCascadeConstraintsString

        public java.lang.String getCascadeConstraintsString()
        Description copied from class: Dialect
        Completely optional cascading drop clause
        getCascadeConstraintsString in class Dialect
      • dropConstraints

        public boolean dropConstraints()
        Description copied from class: Dialect
        Do we need to drop constraints before dropping tables in this dialect?
        dropConstraints in class Dialect
        True if constraints must be dropped prior to dropping the table; false otherwise.
      • getForUpdateString

        public java.lang.String getForUpdateString()
        FrontBase doesn't support this syntax, which was dropped with SQL92.

        Get the string to append to SELECT statements to acquire locks for this dialect.

        getForUpdateString in class Dialect
        The appropriate FOR UPDATE clause string.
      • getCurrentTimestampSelectString

        public java.lang.String getCurrentTimestampSelectString()
        Description copied from class: Dialect
        Retrieve the command used to retrieve the current timestamp from the database.
        getCurrentTimestampSelectString in class Dialect
        The command.
      • getLockingStrategy

        public LockingStrategy getLockingStrategy​(Lockable lockable,
                                                  LockMode lockMode)
        Description copied from class: Dialect
        Get a strategy instance which knows how to acquire a database-level lock of the specified mode for this dialect.
        getLockingStrategy in class Dialect
        lockable - The persister for the entity to be locked.
        lockMode - The type of lock to be acquired.
        The appropriate locking strategy.