Class DB2SubstringFunction

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    public class DB2SubstringFunction
    extends StandardSQLFunction
    When "substring" function is used for DB2, this implementation of StandardSQLFunction will render "substr" or "substring", depending on the last argument being used. If the last argument is a string unit ("CODEUNITS16", "CODEUNITS32", or "OCTETS"), then the function will be rendered as "substring"; otherwise, it will be rendered as "substr".

    ANSI SQL-92 standard defines "substring" without string units, which is more similar to DB2's "substr", so it makes sense to use DB2's "substr" function when string units are not provided.

    Background: DB2 has both "substr" and "substring", which are different functions that are not interchangeable. Prior to DB2 11.1, DB2's "substring" function requires an argument for string units; without this argument, DB2 throws an exception. DB2's "substr" function throws an exception if string unit is provided as an argument.

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        public DB2SubstringFunction()