Interface JdbcConnectionAccess

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    public interface JdbcConnectionAccess
    Provides centralized access to JDBC connections. Centralized to hide the complexity of accounting for contextual (multi-tenant) versus non-contextual access.
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      java.sql.Connection obtainConnection()
      Obtain a JDBC connection
      void releaseConnection​(java.sql.Connection connection)
      Release a previously obtained connection
      boolean supportsAggressiveRelease()
      Does the underlying provider of connections support aggressive releasing of connections (and re-acquisition of those connections later, if need be) in JTA environments?
    • Method Detail

      • obtainConnection

        java.sql.Connection obtainConnection()
                                      throws java.sql.SQLException
        Obtain a JDBC connection
        The obtained connection
        java.sql.SQLException - Indicates a problem getting the connection
      • releaseConnection

        void releaseConnection​(java.sql.Connection connection)
                        throws java.sql.SQLException
        Release a previously obtained connection
        connection - The connection to release
        java.sql.SQLException - Indicates a problem releasing the connection