Interface CascadingAction

    • Method Detail

      • cascade

        void cascade​(EventSource session,
                     java.lang.Object child,
                     java.lang.String entityName,
                     java.lang.Object anything,
                     boolean isCascadeDeleteEnabled)
              throws HibernateException
        Cascade the action to the child object.
        session - The session within which the cascade is occuring.
        child - The child to which cascading should be performed.
        entityName - The child's entity name
        anything - Anything ;) Typically some form of cascade-local cache which is specific to each CascadingAction type
        isCascadeDeleteEnabled - Are cascading deletes enabled.
      • getCascadableChildrenIterator

        java.util.Iterator getCascadableChildrenIterator​(EventSource session,
                                                         CollectionType collectionType,
                                                         java.lang.Object collection)
        Given a collection, get an iterator of the children upon which the current cascading action should be visited.
        session - The session within which the cascade is occuring.
        collectionType - The mapping type of the collection.
        collection - The collection instance.
        The children iterator.
      • deleteOrphans

        boolean deleteOrphans()
        Does this action potentially extrapolate to orphan deletes?
        True if this action can lead to deletions of orphans.
      • requiresNoCascadeChecking

        boolean requiresNoCascadeChecking()
        Does the specified cascading action require verification of no cascade validity?
        True if this action requires no-cascade verification; false otherwise.
      • noCascade

        void noCascade​(EventSource session,
                       java.lang.Object parent,
                       EntityPersister persister,
                       Type propertyType,
                       int propertyIndex)
        Called (in the case of requiresNoCascadeChecking() returning true) to validate that no cascade on the given property is considered a valid semantic.
        session - The session witin which the cascade is occurring.
        parent - The property value owner
        persister - The entity persister for the owner
        propertyType - The property type
        propertyIndex - The index of the property within the owner.
      • performOnLazyProperty

        boolean performOnLazyProperty()
        Should this action be performed (or noCascade consulted) in the case of lazy properties.