Class FilterDefinition

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    public class FilterDefinition
    extends Object
    implements Serializable
    A FilterDefinition defines the global attributes of a dynamic filter. This information includes its name as well as its defined parameters (name and type).
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • FilterDefinition

        public FilterDefinition​(String name,
                                String defaultCondition,
                                Map<String,​Type> parameterTypes)
        Construct a new FilterDefinition instance.
        name - The name of the filter for which this configuration is in effect.
    • Method Detail

      • getFilterName

        public String getFilterName()
        Get the name of the filter this configuration defines.
        The filter name for this configuration.
      • getParameterNames

        public Set<String> getParameterNames()
        Get a set of the parameters defined by this configuration.
        The parameters named by this configuration.
      • getParameterType

        public Type getParameterType​(String parameterName)
        Retrieve the type of the named parameter defined for this filter.
        parameterName - The name of the filter parameter for which to return the type.
        The type of the named parameter.
      • getDefaultFilterCondition

        public String getDefaultFilterCondition()
      • getParameterTypes

        public Map<String,​Type> getParameterTypes()