Interface TransactionImplementor

    • Method Detail

      • invalidate

        default void invalidate()
        (since 5.2) as part of effort to consolidate support for JPA and Hibernate SessionFactory, Session, etc natively, support for local Transaction delegates to remain "valid" after they are committed or rolled-back (and to a degree after the owning Session is closed) to more closely comply with the JPA spec natively in terms of allowing that extended access after Session is closed. Hibernate impls have all been changed to no-op here.
        Invalidates a transaction handle. This might happen, e.g., when:
        • The transaction is committed
        • The transaction is rolled-back
        • The session that owns the transaction is closed
      • isActive

        boolean isActive​(boolean isMarkedRollbackConsideredActive)
        Indicate whether a resource transaction is in progress.
        isMarkedRollbackConsideredActive - whether to consider TransactionStatus.MARKED_ROLLBACK as active.
        boolean indicating whether transaction is in progress
        HibernateException - if an unexpected error condition is encountered.