Class AbstractPreDatabaseOperationEvent

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractPreDatabaseOperationEvent

        public AbstractPreDatabaseOperationEvent​(EventSource source,
                                                 java.lang.Object entity,
                                                 EntityPersister persister)
        Constructs an event containing the pertinent information.
        source - The session from which the event originated.
        entity - The entity to be invloved in the database operation.
        id - The entity id to be invloved in the database operation.
        persister - The entity's persister.
    • Method Detail

      • getEntity

        public java.lang.Object getEntity()
        Support for JACC will be removed in 6.0
        Retrieves the entity involved in the database operation.
        Specified by:
        getEntity in interface PermissionCheckEntityInformation
        The entity.
      • getId

        public getId()
        The id to be used in the database operation.
        The id.
      • getPersister

        public EntityPersister getPersister()
        The persister for the entity.
        The entity persister.
      • getSource

        public EventSource getSource()
        Getter for property 'source'. This is the session from which the event originated.

        Some of the pre-* events had previous exposed the event source using getSource() because they had not originally extended from AbstractEvent.

        Value for property 'source'.