Interface PostInsertIdentityPersister

    • Method Detail

      • getSelectByUniqueKeyString

        java.lang.String getSelectByUniqueKeyString​(java.lang.String propertyName)
        Get a SQL select string that performs a select based on a unique key determined by the given property name).
        propertyName - The name of the property which maps to the column(s) to use in the select statement restriction.
        The SQL select string
      • getIdentitySelectString

        java.lang.String getIdentitySelectString()
        Get the database-specific SQL command to retrieve the last generated IDENTITY value.
        The SQL command string
      • getIdentifierColumnNames

        java.lang.String[] getIdentifierColumnNames()
      • getRootTableKeyColumnNames

        java.lang.String[] getRootTableKeyColumnNames()
        The names of the primary key columns in the root table.
        The primary key column names.