Class ColumnCollectionAliases

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    public class ColumnCollectionAliases
    extends Object
    implements CollectionAliases
    CollectionAliases that uses column names instead of generated aliases. Aliases can still be overwritten via <return-property>
    • Constructor Detail

      • ColumnCollectionAliases

        public ColumnCollectionAliases​(Map userProvidedAliases,
                                       SQLLoadableCollection persister)
    • Method Detail

      • getSuffixedKeyAliases

        public String[] getSuffixedKeyAliases()
        Returns the suffixed result-set column-aliases for columns making up the key for this collection (i.e., its FK to its owner).
        Specified by:
        getSuffixedKeyAliases in interface CollectionAliases
        The key result-set column aliases.
      • getSuffixedIndexAliases

        public String[] getSuffixedIndexAliases()
        Returns the suffixed result-set column-aliases for the collumns making up the collection's index (map or list).
        Specified by:
        getSuffixedIndexAliases in interface CollectionAliases
        The index result-set column aliases.
      • getSuffixedElementAliases

        public String[] getSuffixedElementAliases()
        Returns the suffixed result-set column-aliases for the columns making up the collection's elements.
        Specified by:
        getSuffixedElementAliases in interface CollectionAliases
        The element result-set column aliases.
      • getSuffixedIdentifierAlias

        public String getSuffixedIdentifierAlias()
        Returns the suffixed result-set column-aliases for the column defining the collection's identifier (if any).
        Specified by:
        getSuffixedIdentifierAlias in interface CollectionAliases
        The identifier result-set column aliases.
      • getSuffix

        public String getSuffix()
        Returns the suffix used to unique the column aliases for this particular alias set.
        Specified by:
        getSuffix in interface CollectionAliases
        The uniqued column alias suffix.