Interface CustomQuery

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    public interface CustomQuery
    Extension point allowing any SQL query with named and positional parameters to be executed by Hibernate, returning managed entities, collections and simple scalar values.
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      • getSQL

        java.lang.String getSQL()
        The SQL query string to be performed.
        The SQL statement string.
      • getQuerySpaces

        java.util.Set<java.lang.String> getQuerySpaces()
        Any query spaces to apply to the query execution. Query spaces are used in Hibernate's auto-flushing mechanism to determine which entities need to be checked for pending changes.
        The query spaces
      • getParameterValueBinders

        java.util.List<ParameterBinder> getParameterValueBinders()
      • getCustomQueryReturns

        java.util.List<Return> getCustomQueryReturns()
        A collection of descriptors describing the JDBC result set to be expected and how to map this result set.
        List of return descriptors.