Interface EntityReferenceAliases

  • public interface EntityReferenceAliases
    Aggregates the alias/suffix information in relation to an EntityReference todo : add a contract (interface) that can be shared by entity and collection alias info objects as lhs/rhs of a join ?
    • Method Detail

      • getTableAlias

        java.lang.String getTableAlias()
        Obtain the table alias used for referencing the table of the EntityReference.

        Note that this currently just returns the "root alias" whereas sometimes an entity reference covers multiple tables. todo : to help manage this, consider a solution like TableAliasRoot from the initial ANTLR re-work see

        The (root) table alias for the described entity reference.
      • getColumnAliases

        EntityAliases getColumnAliases()
        Obtain the column aliases for the select fragment columns associated with the described entity reference. These are the column renames by which the values can be extracted from the SQL result set.
        The column aliases associated with the described entity reference.