Interface FetchSource

    • Method Detail

      • getPropertyPath

        PropertyPath getPropertyPath()
        Get the property path to this fetch source
        The property path
      • getQuerySpaceUid

        java.lang.String getQuerySpaceUid()
        Get the UID for this fetch source's query space.
        The query space UID.
      • getFetches

        Fetch[] getFetches()
        Retrieve the fetches owned by this fetch source.
        The owned fetches.
      • getBidirectionalEntityReferences

        BidirectionalEntityReference[] getBidirectionalEntityReferences()
        Retrieve the bidirectional entity references owned by this fetch source.
        The owned bidirectional entity references.
      • resolveEntityReference

        EntityReference resolveEntityReference()
        Resolve the "current" EntityReference, or null if none. If this object is an EntityReference, then this object is returned; otherwise, if this object is a Fetch, then the nearest EntityReference will be resolved from its source, if possible. If no EntityReference can be resolved, null is return.
        the "current" EntityReference or null if none. .
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